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United States

With a GDP of $21.4 trillion USD,4 the U.S. is a singular market opportunity and the largest economy in the world. Cross-border sellers who want in should focus on U.S. founded global mega-marketplaces, where Americans shop with confidence and are willing to buy from someone new — especially during the holidays. Adjust your strategy around shoppers' strong preference for paying in U.S. dollars, and their willingness to abandon an international order over delivery times, shipping charges or security concerns.

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4 Statista: Gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States from 1990 to 2019. Published by BEA, February 3, 2020. Based on

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In a time of economic uncertainty, having a cross-border strategy lets you limit risk to external shocks in any one market & take advantage of favorable conditions in specific countries and regions. The key insights in this report can help you understand potential markets and how to sell in them effectively — from technology requirements to cultural trends and payment methods.

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