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Latin America

Driven by a youthful consumer base and high social commerce adoption, Latin America is a growth market for cross-border sellers who can navigate regional payment systems that support unbanked and remote populations, such as Brazil's Boleto Bancário and Mexico's cash on delivery innovations. Installment payments are common, especially for big-ticket items, and a mobile-first approach is crucial: Brazil has more than 200 million active smartphones — more than one per habitant.3 Be aware of shopper expectations for low or no-cost shipping.

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3 Latin American Business Stories, “Smartphone Fever in Brazil,” August 8, 2019. (Link)

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In a time of economic uncertainty, having a cross-border strategy lets you limit risk to external shocks in any one market & take advantage of favorable conditions in specific countries and regions. The key insights in this report can help you understand potential markets and how to sell in them effectively — from technology requirements to cultural trends and payment methods.

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