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The world's most populous region is characterized by high digital adoption rates and per capita online spending in wealthier Singapore, Japan and Australia. Lower per capita online spending in India and China is offset by sheer population size — and in fact, China is home to 100 million of the wealthiest 10% of the people in the world1. Across the region, smartphones dominate among ecommerce channels, so a mobile-first approach is critical. Digital wallet usage is especially popular, driven by convenience and security concerns.

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1 Credit Suisse, The Global wealth report 2019. (Link)

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In a time of economic uncertainty, having a cross-border strategy lets you limit risk to external shocks in any one market & take advantage of favorable conditions in specific countries and regions. The key insights in this report can help you understand potential markets and how to sell in them effectively — from technology requirements to cultural trends and payment methods.

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